Preparing for the storm

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When gales and heavy downpours strike it’s important that homeowners take basic precautions to protect themselves and their property.

What to do before the storm

  • Park the car in a garage, or away from large trees.
  • Secure or lock away loose objects such as garden furniture and ornaments, bikes, children’s toys and ladders.
  • Fasten all doors and windows. With electrical storms, remove the aerial from the TV set.

If you have time and can do safely:

  • Check for loose tiles on the roof.
  • Secure any weak fences and posts – to minimise the risk of causing damage to other parts of your property.
  • Check aerials or satellite dishes are securely fixed.

What to do after the storm

If your property suffers damage, ring us immediately. We have a dedicated team of claims handlers who will be able to give you advice on how to prevent further damage and to assist you in sorting out your claim. You can contact them during office hours on 01603 626155. If you would like to report your claim outside of business hours you can contact your insurance company directly, 24 hours a day. The numbers can be found on our Report a Claim page.

The most common types of storm claims include:

  • Roof tiles blown off, often in conjunction with damage to gutters, fascias etc.
  • TV/radio aerials damaged.
  • Breakage of glass – most often greenhouse glass.
  • Lifting of roofing felt, particularly on sheds.
  • Damage to chimneys.
  • Trees falling down and damaging buildings.
  • Boundary walls blown down.

Do bear in mind an insurance policy is not a maintenance policy – most companies expect your home to be in reasonable condition, wear and tear isn’t covered. Fences, gates and hedges that have blown down as a direct result of high winds are also generally excluded.